First I have to Mashup quilting in RL and SL. If you have been following the quilters, you know we did a real life block swap with a group of the SL quilters who came to our first quilt meeting. Zhu has decided that we need to finish the blocks into quilts and have a show… woot woot!


So I got motivated this weekend… and I put the top together.. here is a photo of it with the flower auditions. And I have this quilt on my design wall… check it out on my NEW studio webcam!


Who else has their top done????

Here are a few other fun things I saw recently


zebra and polka bags with loads of options
custom bags – Kimberly Casanova Designs @ Lame, Fuzzy (234, 83, 34)
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The Winner of a REAL LIFE box of MEGA Threads from Aurifil is….


Calina Westland… woot woot!!!! This is a quilters or sewers DREAM gift.. a HUGE box of every color of thread.. it’s amazing!
Giveaway was at AURIFIL LAND, Caravane (167, 33, 22). IM me at Paisley Jannings to join us next time!

I have a TON of photos and info saved up … here are a few to share …

I’m sure this dress is made with quilting feedsack fabric, it looks just like some I have… and the knitting bag.. so so cute I had to have one! We need a quilters bag like this. IM me and I’ll tell you what should be in it!


I got the knitting bag from La Vie Simple, La Belle Vie, Peachy Dunes (139, 224, 505)

Quilt Day – March 15

1a-08-3-15-quilt-day-kisses-to-all.jpgQuilt Day was March 15 and the Quilters in SL came out IN STYLE to celebrate! I decided to host 3 events so more quilters could make it. I hosted all 3 groups at Aurifiland. Thanks so much for joining me everyone!


In the morning we had Cotone babe, Aurifil Himmel, Rhonda McCullough, and Monkicat Giha

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Audrey hat


I NEED this Audrey Hat.. got the dress.. need the hat!! Help please….

Dress is Audrey from :::*DP Serendipity::: , Aventi Island (72, 136, 21)

A mish mash of things

A mish mash of things… I was searching for a chandelier for my studio and the gals on Fashion Emergency were so great… I got about 10 shop names and found one at Mina Junk! Will have to take a studio pic when it’s all finished.

08-3-4_002.jpgThen I went to the Callie Cline shop to get her daily friendship gift.. so many fun people last night! I saw this CUTIE PIE Martian (or whatever she is)..and one gal had us do the friendship pyramid. While in the pyramid she started River dancing and gave us all the animation… we had a blast!


Swing is in Mina Junk, you have to ‘heart’ a store with a swing. how KOOT is THAT? The FREE Butterfly hairpiece is wonderful… I got it with the tattoo.. but you can pick it up just inside the door by itself.

08-3-3_001.jpgThe Dressform farm is where I picked up a form to put in the studio.. and next door I got a coat rack with hangers… woot woot!

Last bit of info for today… On World Quilt Day -March 15 we’ll have THREE.. yes THREE quilt meetings at Aurifil! Alex will have it ready we’ll have a blast! I’ll be at all 3 meetings. I’ll have a give away for each meeting and Alex has a thread box grand prize to go to one person (you’ll stick a notecard in the box to be in the running) .. and I’m hoping to have a little freebie for everyone who shows up (working on that).

Times are scattered across the day in the hope that more people can attend.

6am SL (yes AM for those in Europe and Africa) …. 2pm SL… 7pm SL (do we have anyone in Asia or Austrailia/NewZealand?)

Watch this blog for more info in a few days. If you have a question post it here!

–swing, butterfly at Mina Junk
Mina Junk, Koreshan (123, 162, 23)
–dressform farm

Quilt Day is March 15


Quilt Day is March 15… did you know that??? Woot Woot for us!

So on Saturday March 15 let’s have TWO quilt-ins. Alex said the new Aurifil land should be ready by then.. so I’ll keep you up to date on that.

Let’s do an afternoon meeting and an evening meeting. This way I hope more of us can attend! Do you have a recommendation for a meeting time during the day? Noon SL time? Morning SL time? Afternoon? Put a preferred SL time in the comment for me.

In RL I’m hosting an online retreat this same weekend (Fri-Sun) … complete with prizes and a free pattern for you to make. Keep up with this by reading my RL blog


sewing machine at –

Shopping with Paisley



After I purchase this entire store I’m just going to move in.. it’s so darn cute here at KUROTSUBAKI`s.

And I love ALL the clothing! I can’t wait to try on what I got and get a few more pieces… You have to go and look around. Go down the halls, out on the roof, find the little library in the hide away tower. Even visit the garden across the way! the picture does not do it justice, but you have to LOVE a someone who gives you a shopping cart AND makes you a CHOCOLATE cake jewelry set!



Furry earrings… black or white .. a GOTTA have… you’ll feel like you are wearing fuzzy dice, but more elegant!

***Black AGEHA***, Nipponbashi (178, 132, 27)


I adore these boots.. have to get another color soon! And isn’t this a GREAT pose?

Little Town * Women’s Clothing *, Aventi Island (105, 54, 22)