Are you ready?

This Saturday and Sunday, Sept 13/14, the Quilters in SL are having a Studio/Shop hop.

What’s that?

Our homes, stores, and studio are open for you to come and ‘look around’. Many of us have quilts in our studios.. and we’d love to share our art with you!

I’ve also listed some vendors that have products with quilt patterns on them.. fun fun stuff! If you know of other stores with quilt things please post the LM in the comments.

ps… the other great thing about SL.. I don’t have to LOOK like a real life quilter… or.. maybe I do!


Our Group member Studios/Homes/Stores

Aurifil where my studio and several other studios are  – be.needlework

Stonehedg Magic -a sewing room set up at my island. The studio is high up on the hill… fly up!

Daisyblue – **Blue Barn Antiques, Etc.

quilters pharmacy – Absolut Writer,

Brianna Beresford – quilt display at museum – had RFL quilt – Tranquil Art Museum,

Trishan MacAlpine – Bel Cove 215,25,25 –

Audrey Fotherington: Fathom!,

Ancela, Synimin (67,131,21) = new location..

Kymsara Rayna – ~~Ivalde~~  Vintage Heaven,  our shop is at Ivalde from the landing point look right and it is two stores down on the right of the square. Our blog is sewnjewels.blogspot.com …  the iGems jewelry based on my quilt designs

Andie and Kym’s Home,

Heppi’s place. Audrey sent quilts that were a friends grandmothers, something special to see!


Quilters Dream at Portofino – Sparkie’s quilt shop in progress

Karalee Larsson

Mermaid Pond at Joyous Serendipi, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Joyous%20Serendipity/227/132/26

Zhu’s shopping – Shopping Life E-Mall & Aisle Clu, Cho (180, 18, 64)

Zhu’s studio – Cho Public Parks, Cho (86, 145, 479)
LadyDawn Starbrook – Closed on Saturdays –  Booneburrow General Store/Becky’,


Stores with quilt type clothing or sewing machines – If you know of more please put them in the comments!

–=*UnTone Quilt*= main store @shi, Shimokitazawa (232, 153, 26)

–Gitana Skirt   from Sevenstar Amat at Stitch by Stitch at Teal Island 74/241/23 – also sewing machine in shop

–couverture *Main Shop – furniture.. quilts, quilted upholstery

— Booneburrow General Store/Becky’s Quilts
Quilts, rugs, 50L or less, yardsale, etc. There is always a free quilt available during store hours.

-Weaving Loom with animation

-Cecelia’s Sewing Shop – clothing, cute sewing machine logo over door, machine and bols of fabric.. sewing machine logo pose stands

-Curious Kitties patchwork boots

– Stich by Stitch @ Lame Designs
fancy hats shoes flats dresses stitch by stitch Sewing machine vintage style retro clothing

-patchwork denim boots at She’s So Unusual Shoes on Unusual Isle

-And for fun… free glow sticks for your next party! – on floor in box by door. I did buy a patchwork bikini from this vendor awhile ago but didn’t find it during my quick search.. tell us if you find it..they are quite cute!

Also check back through my blog here… I have lots of places listed where I’ve found ‘quilty’ type things. I love the little stool and chairs at this post


and the sewing machine here



IceCream anyone?

This just CRACKS ME UP!! I adore the creativity in SL… only here can we not only eat an icecream cone.. but we can DRESS and BE one!

Which color will YOU be? I’m partial to the chocolate versions… hehe!

And this is what you are looking for when you hit  AOHARU SIM, AOHARU (136, 112, 23)

Calling all….

Well I’m a creative sort… I live to make stuff in RL!

In SL I find LOADS of others who share this passion. I am the owner of the Quilters group and I belong to several other groups of people who make stuff… like knitters and crafters.

I’d LOVE to host a ‘shop/studio hop’ in SL. I want to find all the people who have knitting things, quilting things, crafting things for sale… like sewing machines, knitting needles… anyone have a scrapbook or stamp store?.

Do you make clothing or art that HAS this stuff in it? Like patchwork clothing, crochet granny square tops… maybe you have a scrapbook we can look at. Look back through my posts here to see clothing, looms, bags of knitting with needles..THAT is what I’m looking for. Items that look like the craft we do in RL.

So this is what you do next. Tell me what you have…

— I have a paint studio, a quilt store, I make knitting needles that work, I have a store with bolts of fabric, I have crocheted vests. Also give me the location of your studio or store in a comment here.

I’ll accumulate all the locations and then announce 2 days in August when we’ll all ‘hop’ to the locations and check them out!

Wow are WE a productive group! Zhu curated our SECOND quilt show in SL! It is hanging right now … so hurry on over to see it!

The quilts are hanging at


Here is my quilt done with blocks from the SL block swap.

And the 2 other completed quilts by Zhu and Karalee

and quilts by Marianna, Sub, Karalee, and Serena

Quilts in SL

HollyJean sent me a link to ‘Int’l House Of Style’ where there are two quilts in the entrance to the store. One says it is Kenya applique, the other Pakistani patchwork. Both are awesome! so get on over to see them for yourself!

Cheongsam, Loepa (59, 224, 56)

Callie had a BOGO for 10 minutes in her store the other day. I HAD to have this ‘Wild Child’ since the big ‘X’s look like cross stitches!. I forgot and had the white skirt from the post yesterday under the dress. Since it’s so full, it looks nice peeking out the bototm!—— dress Callie Cline


I’m sooooo loving hats in SL. I do NOT look good with a hat in RL.. only own one. But in SL I’m a FABULOUS hat wearer…woot woot!

hat and gloves free at SWA under the sundress in a black bag
Fashioncentric! Soda – Second Wa, Plush Omicron (162, 224, 23)


Then I found ANOTHER phone booth. This one has an adorable animation. Wear the phone for the full effect.

outside Cute Cherry Blossom, Teffelaw (116, 226, 22)

Love the belt…

Saw this belt and HAD to have it.. rummaged around to find some stuff to wear with it… checked out more new fashion releases and snapped a few pictures! Will do it again tonight… woot woot!


Concho beltl
**THE CLOSET** , Concinna (21, 102, 89)


Free backpack in fashion con notice from
B390 – Main Lab, Coders Cove (244, 199, 23)


Teddy bear upstairs at
Cherry Buttons, MoonDoggies (164, 35, 27)